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Bring your own Beamer:

The latest in a series of worldwide free-form events. A one-night exhibition celebrating visual noise and audio overspill.


                     This film takes as its theme the central conundrum of artistic motivation. The choices which have to be faced when aspiration comes into conflict with fundamental practicalities. . I am constantly revisiting the activity of creativity, while simultaneously accepting that this same activity is essentially an exercise in futility.

I am an only son with no children. I have no family to whom I am able to bequeath my artistic output. No-one is likely to assume responsibility for its archival maintenance. After my passing, the contents of my studio are likely to be cleared at the earliest opportunity and disposed of in the form of a bonfire. In the larger scheme of things, this is of no material consequence; this fate awaits the personal records of thousands of people across the planet every day. Knowing this does not curtail  my activity; I work on in a deluded state of hope over expectation.


In the late 1950’s, a similar choice was faced. Kathleen Ibbitson put her creative potential on hold in order to dedicate her energies to her new family. She and husband Jack provided their only child with a home full of song. He is heard here as ‘noises off’ during his mother’s unaccompanied rendition of a popular classic. The track was recorded on a reel to reel tape recorder.

The lyric was given added poignancy when Kathy’s marriage of nearly 50 years ended with the death of her husband in 2004

Footage was shot over a twenty minute period and edited without modification to either colour balance or contrast levels. Any visual interest is the result of an undirected and fortuitous combination of flame and wind.

TATSUKO Project:

This is not a trailer for the TATSUKO film in the accepted sense of the term. None of this footage is to be found in the 40 minute feature.  Rather, it illustrates two particular threads, surveillance and voyeurism which form that movie’s core. This adaptation uses as its ‘projection screen’ one of the major contributions of film to the visual arts -the extreme close-up. Excerpts taken directly from the movie are seen at one remove, as reflections in the lenses of the viewer watching footage on her laptop.

Soundtrack by Wyn Lewis Jones

Filmed in Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire; Wales     2012


A spectacular piece of furniture design by award-winning designer Steve Thompson.

At once sculptural and functional; all elegant curves and planes enclosed within pure radii, it also fulfils its functional brief as a comfortable chair. Not only that; it is a rocking chair for the 21st Century [it rocks…]. Even better, it provides mobility [it rolls!]


Filmed at Whitland Abbey, Carmarthenshire: Wales     2010