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Artist’s Prints:       screenprint   drypoint    monotype   etchings   collagraph

These images are not photographic, giclee or digitally reproduced copies; each print has been hand printed by the artist and is one of a numbered limited edition. At the end of the numbered run, the printing plate or silkscreen stencil was destroyed so that no further impressions could be made.

Dimensions pertain to image size. The paper size allows for title, signature and edition number on lower side of a generous window-mounted border.

All prints are signed by the artist

V/E:     denotes a ‘variable edition’ where the tint or density of inking and/or the degree of cleaning or wiping has been varied from print to print to create unique variations within the edition. Illustrated variations are available on request.

A/P: denotes that an ‘artist’s proof’ from the plate or screen, is available in addition to the actual edition

Prices  are for unframed and unmounted prints and exclude shipping costs. Prints can be shipped world-wide. A postage and packing quote and payment method is available on request via e-mail to:



Blue Nude:    collagraph     30.25 x 21.5cm  ed./8 VE       £50


Carole’s Toes:    screenprint and nail varnish      29 x 17cm    ed/25 VE   £35

Image Drought 1   drypoint   21 x 14.75cm  ed/13 VE      £30


Drought 3   drypoint   21 x 14.75cm  ed/7 VE      £30

glenn ibbitson

Drought 2   drypoint   21 x 14.75cm  ed/13 VE    £30


Drought 4   drypoint   21 x 14.75cm  ed/7 VE      £30


Drought 5   drypoint   21 x 14.75cm  ed/10 VE     £30


Drought 6     drypoint   21 x 14.75cm  ed/12 VE      £30


Drought 7   drypoint   21 x 14.75cm  ed/11 VE       £30


Glacial Melt:    screenprint     50 x 40cm    ed/20     £100


Nemesis; Llech y Tribedd   linocut    22 x 22cm  ed/10     £40Image     Pillar Rock, Maiden Castle; Treffgarne   monotype    32 x 31cm   ed/1    £80

Image   Nemesis; Nantwoods   drypoint     20.5 x 29cm    ed/5        £40

Image  Osaka – Kyoto    collagraph      29 x 57cm        ed./4 VE  [+ A/P also available]  £100

Image        Porthgain Cliffs   drypoint and monoprint      29.5 x 20.5cm     ed./5 VE  £45

Image       Porthgain Cliffs   drypoint and monoprint      29.5 x 20.5cm     ed./5 VE    £45

Image     Sarcophagus Rock, Treffgarne    monotype     21 x 29.5cm     ed/1    £50

Image      Tryfan   drypoint and monoprint      21 x 29.5cm       ed./7 VE    £45

Image Willow Bridges, Nant      screenprint      25.5 x 35cm    ed/14  [a/p also available]  £40


Tatsuko; figure at the window:   screenprint   32 x 26.5cm  ed/45     £40


Ravens II    collagraph    15 x 15cm   ed/7 VE    £35

Flesh and Bone

Flesh and Bone:    etching    24.5 x 24.75cm   ed/12  [A/P also available]  £35

For further information, e-mail:  smokingbrush@btinternet.com