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King St. Gallery Carmarthen

Preview: Friday November 1st 2013  5.30 – 7pm


Press Release

Newcastle Emlyn artists Carole King and Glenn Ibbitson will be presenting an intriguing array of works on the theme of “Borrowed Landscapes and Stolen Histories,” at the King Street gallery in Carmarthen between 2nd and 30th of November.

Carole has been mapping the landscapes of West Wales, re-interpreting aspects of its industrial and social past through paintings and original prints. Because her technique shuttles between fine art skills and traditional domestic craft dexterity, the works reflect a free-ranging, intuitive quality, as rigorously organised as a quilt design.

An album of photographs acquired in a junk shop has revealed the visual preoccupations of a family living through the 1940’s. This deliberate appropriation of a total stranger’s back-story has allowed her a more objective approach to memory triggers, while simultaneously enabling engagement with issues of narrative. Why was that view of the back yard worthy of a snapshot? What did that paper package on the steps contain? Why are the sheep in the bathroom?

Of his work, Glenn says, ”my collage technique utilises printed fragments of urban consumerism, liberated from lifestyle magazines and rearranged in a new context. Compositions build from ambiguous shadows and inconsistent shifts of focus, to create scenes of vague disquiet. I attempt to replicate that slightly unnerving feeling one experiences upon entering an unfamiliar space, where the first few seconds are spent rather anxiously scanning the room for something recognisable. These claustrophobic interiors and urban nocturnes may or may not have existed; the half-realised recollections of events might not have happened there. Rather, the works represent leaves torn from the distorted visual memory bank of an unreliable narrator. Or someone else’s… “


2nd – 30th November

Chate Room: King Street Gallery 33 King St. Carmarthen SA31 1BS

10am – 5pm daily. closed Sunday

tel. 01267 220121 for further details