Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Buxton Museum received some interesting new acquisitions last week, courtesy of kind donors The Stubbs family. Two sisters from the family used to work for a man with the rather wonderful name of Arto Funduklian. The son of an Armenian émigré living in Manchester, Funduklian became the Advertising Manager for rug-manufacturing company A and M Karagheusian. He spent time in Paris in the 1920s where he collected contemporary artworks, mostly prints by young artists like Chagall and Chahine. Funduklian lived the later years of his life in Buxton, on St. John’s Road. By the time of his death, his collection included English works by John Piper and Wyndham Lewis. In 1980, the collection was bequeathed to Buxton Museum. His brother, Vahe Funduklian, stated that there was a sense that his collection would be lost in a big permanent collection like Manchester and that a smaller institution would derive more benefit from…

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