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A specially commissioned piece of book art by Yvette Brown. One of her ongoing series: “The Secret Life of Birds”, in which the innermost motivations of our avian neighbours are revealed to humorous effect.

‘Dendrocopus Major [Great Spotted Woodpecker] attacking a portable radio set’ is a response to the misguided strategies employed by the editors of the Radio 4 flagship news programme, “Today”. In an attempt to capture a younger audience, Sarah Montague, ‘Today’s finest presenter, was recently handed the embarrassing assignment of interviewing an attention-seeking young fool who had apparently ‘married herself’ [a friend of a BBC news editor, perhaps?] to no either intellectual or comedic effect whatever.

Young people seeking radio news with some substance are not going to be duped by this condescending treatment by those in positions of influence at the corporation. Any adolescent who might be interested in this self-promotional gambit is probably listening to Capital Radio or Heart FM and would not dream of switching to R4 whatever was served up with them in mind.

I was delighted how Yvette nailed this issue with a visual dexterity and a comic intelligence so sadly lacking in the output of the target subject…

Yvette Brown is an artist who produces brooches in pewter, paper sculptures inserted into hollowed-out books, and automata. She is a founding member of “The Square Pegs” creative group based in West Wales. I can guarantee that her work will brighten your mood, whatever your frame of mind.

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