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The International Design and Make Challenge 2015

For emerging and established textile designer-makers to work with their choice of 1kg of wool tops: 1kg yarn; or up to 3 metres of fabric in plain woven structure, or a mixture of the three to create a unique textile work -whethre functional or purely decorative -to show the beauty and versatility of Cambrian Mountains Wool.

128 designers submitted their designs and 35 were selected to take up the challenge.

Carole King has produced a hand-made book, the contents of which illustrate aspects of woollen cloth manufacture across its twenty-four silkscreen printed pages.

Carole King Woolly Thinking

More information can be found at                          http://cambrianmountainswool.org/2015-challenge/

Carole Kings book can be perused at:


Many thanks to the staff of the National Wool Museum of Wales for their invaluable assistance in creating a soundtrack for the ‘Woolly Thinking” film. How many personnel of a museum of national stature would spontaneously activate their exhibits for a visitor without prior arrangement? Based in Drefach Velindre in Carmarthenshire, the former mill houses a marvellous collection of working machinery.  Highly recommended.