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Glenn Ibbitson

Captive: oil on canvas 61x61cm

“Captive” is something of a departure from, but compositionally and thematically related to those paintings which constitute the “Consignment” project. A single figure; in detention, deprived of liberty and unprotected by the legal mechanism of habeas corpus. Only dignity remains.

Its compositional precedents derive from paintings I worked on in the early 80’s at college which combined life studies with sketches of a caged Mandrill, isolated form its own kind in Knaresborough Zoo. After a gap of thirty-four years in which slavery, people trafficking and internment without trial have reasserted their malign grip over Western society, I decided to revisit this body of work.

I was delighted to be informed that the painting has been accepted for inclusion in the New Light Art Prize exhibition which opens soon at Bowes Museum in County Durham.

16 October 2015: Judging at the Bowes Museum followed by Exhibition Preview and Award Presentation.

17 October 2015 – 7 February 2016: Prize Exhibition opens to the public.

16 February 2016: Prize Exhibition opens at the Mercer Gallery, Harrogate.

July 2016: Prize Exhibition opens at Panter and Hall Gallery, London SW1


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