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Horus was a magician steeped in the mythology and rites of Ancient Egypt. Operating in the Edwardian and post Great War period, he was renowned for presenting a version of the ‘Levitating Lady’ trick. His costume was a full-length gold satin gown extravagantly decorated with hieroglyphs  and Nile riverside birds. He lent his onstage persona a theatrical touch of mystery and authority by hiding his face behind a hawk mask based on the falcon-headed god Horus.

These drawings and paintings owe much to a childhood enthusiasm for what are now described as ‘silver age’ superhero comics. The mask depicted here was derived from ‘Hawkman’ and ‘the Eagle’, who appeared in ‘Strange Adventures’ issues #208 and #209 -supplemented by avian studies.

Based on a self-portrait drawn from life in mid 2015
pencil on watercolour paper 225gsm              61x43cm

More work at:  http://www.smokingbrushfineart.com