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Inktober 2017: 31 Days 31 Drawings

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.


Jake Parker is an illustrator.  For the last 15 years he has worked on everything from animated films to comics to picture books. He’s lived in six states, working at several studios with” the most amazing and talented people in the country”. He now freelances from his home studio base in Utah.

link to his official site:  http://mrjakeparker.com/inktober/

He instigated the Inktober project and posted a worldwide invitation to artists on Facebook.

“I created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. Anyone can do Inktober, just pick up a pen and start drawing.”

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it online

3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2017

4) Repeat


Jake had provided a prompt list of daily themes. Fine artists tend not to like prompts of any kind [most I know see commissions as an economic  necessity, but a hindrance and diversion from primary pursuits]. Accordingly, I ignored the list because I wished to use the month long period as an opportunity to spend 20 minutes or so per day in examination of my face; attempting to be as dispassionate as possible, but with the opportunity to exaggerate facial contortion and lateral head movement. Position and lighting varied; the drawings were united by medium. All were drawn with biro [either blue or black ink] on cartridge sketchbook paper; A4 portrait format.

The results are shown in sequence below, from October 1 / 31, 2017