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b“Design for Living”

It is a design classic. It’s simplicity of form perfectly matches its intimate function. often used; rarely perused… My aim here was to make something of an icon from a cheap, mundane, everyday essential.

The oblique references accompanying each drawing relate not only to the condom and its intended purpose, but also the drawing techniques employed. Their mis-registrations and mis-spellings create double meanings to represent those frequent breakdowns in communication between lovers. Although the titles of the work perhaps reflect a certain cynicism regarding the rituals of sexual courtship, I hope the pictures may elicit the same knowing smile which greets the emergence of a condom, fresh from its package…

All drawings  charcoal and fixative on watercolour paper    75 x 52cm

[This suite of drawings was first shown as “Little Friends” at Alternative Art Galleries, Chiltern St. London W1.     1-25th Feb. 1995]

Glenn Ibbitson cause and effect“Cause and Effect”


Glenn Ibbitson deception“Deception”


Glenn Ibbitson everyday users“Means to an End”


Glenn Ibbitson Intention“Motivation”


Glenn Ibbitson Passing fancy“Passing Fancy”

Glenn Ibbitson shape of desire“Intent”


Glenn Ibbitson The Real Thing“The Real Thing”


Glenn Ibbitson using a rubber“Using a Rubber”


Glenn Ibbitson Contradiction in terms“A Visual Oxymoron”  [drawing fixed through perforated zinc, then erased]